Would Face to Face interview be extinct as Dinosaur? (trending Video Interviews)

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Video interviews:

Formally dressed, hair neatly tied, a smile on face and file in hand- can you imagine yourself standing next in the queue for your job interview?

Gone are the days where applicants would print their resume and physically approach an organisation to apply for a job. With the advent of technology, candidates now apply for a job opportunity with an email, portals and recruitment agencies.

Though there have been many changes in recruitment process. But Face-to-face interviews continue to be one of the standard elements of any recruitment process. But are they are becoming less important than they once were?

With the advancement in technology and increased importance to instil convenience in the recruitment process, both candidates and organisations often are happy to have meetings over video platform than face to face interview. 

Trends and popularity of Video Interviews:

  • According to a survey, 60% of interviews are Video Interview when they have to carry out remote job interviews.
  •  48 % hiring managers use video interviews to shorten the time to make a hire
  • 66% of candidates prefer video interview (9% – pre-recorded, 57% – Live video interview).

Why is the use of Video Interviews increasing?

  • Video interviews level the playing field by selecting the time which suits both candidate and recruiter. Generally, candidates have to take an official leave to attend a physical interview. This avoids the major loss of potential candidates.
  • Also, panel interviews have become easier where the video of the candidate is recorded by any one of the recruiters and then the panel can take a collective decision.
  • Video interviews also allow candidate personality to leap off the resume page and capture a recruiter’s attention.

Although, the adoption of Video interviews is increasing yet one cannot ignore the fact that some recruiters prefer meeting in person.

Perhaps one can conclude that in-person interviews would be used for recruitment which requires local candidates but perhaps Video Interviews would be used for jobs where the applicant will be working remotely, or the candidate is at quite a distance away at the time of the interview.

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