Work-Life Balance- why do you need it?

Work-Life balance is not a static mix, it doesn’t mean one should devote an equal number of hours for both work and leisure. Life is more fluid than that.

If you ever find a chance to get into the locker room of pro athletes, you’ll find that they keep small video games or iPods in their lockers. They do so to neutralize the path of extreme physical vigor with calm music or exciting games.

Creating a work-life balance is about distinguishing your personal and professional paradigms without allowing one to induce changes in the other. Both are important, neither should be neglected.

If you are looking for a true work-life balance you need to decide your own working hours, can take holidays at the last minute without an argument with the boss and can decide your own working style. I am not asking you to break all the rules, but a European employee study says that a top performer do all of this, and their administration allows it because that’s how they get remarkable results.

Well if you are still not convinced, read below!

Boost your Productivity 

Having a healthy work-life balance keeps you mentally stable so you can develop laser focus. Work-Life balance also helps you in staying motivated and avoiding all negative externalities.

Health the top Priority

Overworking isn’t just putting you at risk of being a ‘very dull boy/girl’ it could also be affecting your health. A stable work-life balance keeps you healthy both mentally and physically.

Become a Holistic Personality

If your life revolves around work, then you lose a lot of the other positive dimensions. Some of them being, communication skills, industry knowledge etc. Work-Life balance instills a holistic personality in you

The “You” time

Last but not the least, work-life balance makes sure that you get your own personal time. In my consideration, this aspect is the most important as this helps in building positive and happy approach towards life.