Why your organisations need whistle-blower policy?

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Whistle-blower policy:

With so many Business scandals, there is always a draping question- was there an opportunity to prevent these scandals?

Organizations, Governments and Agencies have pondered on this question and came up with a solution- Whistle-blower policy. Moreover, the employees can timely inform the stakeholders if they found any misdeeds within a company.

What is Whistle – blower policy?

Law translates “Whistle blowing “as making disclosure in public interest. It is actually a moral duty for employees to disclose any misdeed but the policy is been framed as to protect the disclosure (whistle-blower) and prevent unfair treatment to them.

What is in purview of Whistle-blower policy?

  • Criminal activity by any employee
  • Company is breaking any law
  • Someone is covering up any wrongdoing
  • Health and safety breach

Why do you need a Whistle – blower policy?

  • Employees need to feel safe raising any concerns without risk of dismissal and victimisation.
  • In addition, an organization known to be free from corrupt practices and have such policies in place attract better candidates.
  • It prevents both financial as well as reputation losses to company.

What other things to take care?

  • Guarantee the whistle blower’s anonymity
  • Promptly and thoroughly investigate the concern. Also, incorporate a timescale to address and solve it.
  • Encourage employees to raise concern and educate them regarding the policy.
  • Also incorporate an arbitration policy, to check whether the whistle-blower has any grounds for the claim and thus prevent misuse of the policy.

While we hope that organizations never need to use whistle-blower policy, they are beneficial to have in place.

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