Why does candidate experience matter and how can AI improve it?

candidate experience and Artificial intelligernce

Candidate experience is the collective result of all engagements and interactions that an organisation has with candidates during the hiring process. Candidates share their experiences regardless if they were good or bad. These opinions can be quickly disseminate and shared, primarily through online reviews and social media.

People who are satisfied with their candidate experience are more likely to accept the job offer. Hence, ensuring an optimal candidate experience will strengthen and enforce the corporate brand, attract top candidates, and build company advocacy

Most of the shortcomings in providing a good candidate experience are due to human labour or prioritisation issue. Thus, a combination of humans with AI can provide an optimal candidate experience.

  • The candidate won’t be left in the lurch

Candidate would write a cover letter, draft a resume for the job application. And if they don’t hear back from the employer, it gets frustrating. Not only does it make a candidate feel like it was a total waste of time, but it also puts us off wanting to work for the company; 58% of job seekers have a negative impression of a business if they don’t respond to an application.

With the support of AI, recruiters won’t be able to mistakenly let applications slip through the system.  Moreover, candidates with the most relevant qualifications and experience would be on top of the pile. AI will be able to track your application and keep you updated with its process. It would tell a candidate whether they have been unsuccessful or are on to the next stage

  • The process will be much quicker

As a job hunter, it can often take up to two weeks to find out you’ve got through the initial screening process, another two weeks to schedule an interview and a further three weeks to find out whether you’ve got the job or not

AI can reduce the processing time and ensure the candidate experience is sped up so you don’t become disengaged. AI will immediately let the job seeker know whether they are on to the next stage of the process and, if not, they can continue with their job search without wasting any time.

  • Reducing the chances of unconscious bias

The feeling of discrimination on various factors for a candidate in a job application or interview is awful but it can happen – often unconsciously on the behalf of the recruiter.

The use of AI in recruitment and the candidate search process will reduce the possibility of unconscious bias from the recruiter. AI can help in ignoring biased information such as gender, race or age and, instead, focus on skills, qualifications and experience enabling the most talented individuals to shine through.

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