Top 5 reasons which could potentially spoil your next interview

 Your flawless CV and the strong cover letter might have been impressive enough to get you an interview, but that’s not the only parameter which an interviewee looks at while assessing you. Even if you are one of the most seasoned professionals you can get flustered and spoil your chances, so with a little preparation you can avoid falling foul of these common interview blunders. Following pointers would help you in avoiding these blunders;

No interview prep

There is nothing worse than not properly preparing for your interview.  This, in turn, has a negative multiplier effect on all other aspects of your job interview. One should always follow a checklist of preparation, like a research on company and competitor’s profile, the background of the founders, getting multiple copies of documents etc.

Dressing inappropriately

This is your first impression with the hiring manager so you want to make sure you dress professionally. A professional dress up creates a strong positive impact for the first 10 seconds of your interview.

Poor communication skills

There is much more to right answers than just knowing them, it’s crucially important how you deliver those answers. Be sure to shake hands, make eye contact, and engage with the person interviewing you.

Unclear answering and beating the bush around

Take time to think before you answer questions and avoid bumbling to an uncomfortable halt; it doesn’t inspire confidence. Also, don’t mumble; the interviewer doesn’t want to have to ask you to repeat an answer or have to strain to hear every word you’re saying. To keep a control over all this keeps a check on your stress level.

Speaking negatively about your current employer

Never complain about your current employer no matter how despotic or ineffectual they are. Badmouthing won’t reflect well on you.

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