5 Psychometric Assessment Myths Which Will Ease Hiring

Its not so shocking to see 70% of organizations globally using some sort of psychometric assessments  to measure candidate’s skillset, cognitive ability and personality.

Psychometric assessments, on the other hand, uses highly-effective questions to attract and hire the most suitable people. But, there still remains a huge concern from HR professionals about the credibility, reliability, and practical application of psychometric testing.

Let’s bust some myths about psychometric testing:

Generalized and Unreliable results:

Psychometric tests are proving to be far more valid for recruitment and people decisions, than any human assessment. It uses sophisticated methods to search for test bias and eliminates it.

Long Time for Candidates to Complete:

Anyone who has appeared for a psychometric test would have experienced a long-winded, and time-consuming test. The best thing about it, is that they are friction free and easy for the person appearing. Thus contributing to the application experience.

Need for a Trained Psychologist:

Most modern psychometric assessments offer either personal consultations to interpret results. Otherwise, offer certification training program to learn the methodology and the science behind the tool.

Assessments Are Easily Manipulated

With Psychometric assessments, it is possible that candidates can attempt to give an unrealistically impression about themselves, by choosing options which they believe will lead to their desired outcome.

Psychometric Tools Aren’t Worth the Investment

Whether the test you choose is a ‘pay-per-use’ basis, or whether it is based on an annual fee, these costs are rarely as high as losing and then replacing one of the top performing candidates.

So why allow such myths hold you back from taking advantage of such powerful tools?

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