Mothers at Workplace

Mothers are one of the fastest growing segments in the organization workforce. We are in the transitional phase where more women are having children in their 30’s and later. In contrast, stay at home moms are almost an exception in metro cities.

But it was surprisingly found that most of the organizations fail to understand that it takes a lot of toll on working women lives, if proper policies and workspace environment facilities are not provided.

In recent research, it was found that recruiters show biases towards mothers for any job opportunity explaining that mothers are less productive at the workplace. ut they fail to understand that quality matters more than hours clocked in office.

Let’s stop punishing women for motherhood and implement certain methods by which organizations can help mothers for a successful career along with their personal life.

Flexible Hours:

Researchers has proven that Flex hours doesn’t deteriorate productivity if implemented. Mothers can set up their own work-life boundaries.

Child Care Options:

Organizations can help the employee by offering child care resource, either near the office or near home. This would reduce the stress experienced by working mothers and they would be much more productive.

Maternal/Paternal Leave policy:

Generally  government provides unpaid /job guarantee leaves to mothers.  In contrast it is very difficult for them since they are undergoing a major expense during this period. Therefore, organisations can provide compensation during this period. Also, employees should not find difficult to get paternal leave.

Post maternal care support:

Women face enormous pressure once they return from maternity leave. Employers can analyze employee’s skill set and create back to work plan instead of leaving them to take care of themselves.