Mobile Recruitment – The trend

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With the current shift in market, going Mobile is the key! As human resources department moves to digitization, developing a knack for mobile recruitment strategy is vital for all organizations of any fit.

It is imperative that Companies gradually adopt to the new shift, to attract top talent pool and the best-fit candidates. To keep pace with the market scenario, let us strategize few mobile recruitment strategies, firstly underlining a few stats below:

  • 70% of job seekers use mobile for their job search
  • 64% of youth have smartphones
  • 81% of employees use their personal mobile devices at work
  • 23% of keyword search for the word “Job” comes from mobile devices

Why mobile recruitment strategy:

  • Lengthy forms:

It takes on an average 24 minutes to apply for any job opening. Also, about 64% candidates leave the application mid-way. Mobile based recruitment sets emphasis on user interaction and the application site, which is both attractive and intuitive but on a smaller physical screen.

  • Google search:

Google has also now started using “Mobile friendliness” as criteria for ranking. Hence, a sole focus on career web page for desktops would not be good idea. Mobile Responsive of your site is a need of the hour.

  • Reputation:

If the candidate feels that application process is onerous or the interface is poorly designed organizations may lose quality candidates. In addition, now the candidates are more informed and do not hesitate to share their experience on social media.

  • Swift screening:

Mobile recruitment has been transformed from being a one-way process to swift and engaging process. It can help candidates to carry out job relevant analysis on their mobile device, also recruiters can get actionable insights enabling them to focus their attention on best candidates and also optimizing recruitment process.

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