How Recruiters can use Digital Marketing for hiring !

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It is observed that there is a lot in common working of a new age HR manager and a digital marketing manager.

So, can the strategies adopted for digital marketing be applied in Recruitment?

The answer is a BIG YES!

Today, recruiters might have integrated social media channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram or twitter etc. in their recruitment campaigns. However, are recruiters using the “smart targeting” capabilities of these mediums? If not then it is important considering them.

Check for few tips and tricks which are common in digital marketing and how it can be applied in recruitment-


One can use basis of geography, behaviour, life events, interest etc for targeting prospective candidates. Recruiters can also place their advertisement on other channels. for e.g., if a recruiter is looking for entry level software engineers, recruiters can post on social media with engineering graduation as life event and also post on channels like (Hackerthon, Stack Overflow) which are popular with jobseekers.

A/B testing:

As a recruiter you can use different wordings in job description, requirements and even title and see what works best.


Run one or more versions of ad and analyse using analytics about which was more successful. One can use Google Analytics which would give a clear picture of what is working the best and where to focus more.


If you are aggressively thinking of pursuing candidates, then one can use this strategy. You can retarget the candidates who have previously visited your career page or might have also applied to jobs earlier. You can show how your company has expanded by raising funds, employee welfare programs etc to incite them to apply for the available positions.

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