Hiring Without Bias

Researchers  have shown that biases in recruitment is very high. More importantly, it is seen that it was not done intentionally but unconsciously.

Unconscious ageism, sexism, racism, personality preference plays a big role in the major hiring decision.

As all may agree, biases in hiring are highly detrimental to the growth of an organization. Also, let us now look at the steps which one can take to reduce these biases.

Gender neutral Job Description:

Some of the words and phrases in Job description may represent masculine or feminine . Furthermore, this might discourage them to apply for the opportunity. In contrast being mindful would help the organization to avoid hiring biases in the process.

Deductive Interview Approach:

Hiring should focus on performance objectives rather than a list of skills and competencies. This approach involved looking for the evidence the person is a top performer based on the recognition they have received for their work.

Diversify Recruitment Panels:

Panel interview is the best means to reduce biases in hiring. Also, recruiters may overlook a candidate in favor of someone who is more similar to themselves. While a panel interview lets people share their feedback and try to eliminate biases.

Standardize Interview Process by software:

A structured and standardized interview process enables a consistent and fair experience for all the candidates.