Training sessions – a must curriculum in office syllabus, is a must a have an effective plan for any organization. To create more efficient training modules, Organizations can today pursue the concept of Gamification. It is applying the concepts of gaming to another context like employee training.

Design games are interesting and when combined with instructional courses; the level of attention, engagement, and enthusiasm is doubled than usual.

It is also  a quick and reliable method. It certainly can help employees retain information from training sessions and develop long-term skill sets.

The key benefits of Gamification in business include:

  • Better performance:

Gamification increases employee engagement with training resources and helps them to apply the knowledge gained in their job tasks.

  • Motivation

The features like statistics and Leaders boards encourages friendly competition within the organization and thus increase their motivation and involvement.

  • Gain insights

Organizations can gain insights in the form of expert reports about employee behavior, what motivates them, which skills they are lacking and much more.

However, it is crucial that organizations set their goals with the training module, before applying Gamification in their program.

It can also add interest, fun, and competition, but sometimes you need to slow down and have your learners take a look at the information in a different way. Have a detailed analysis of KPI for both pre-gamification and post-gamification. This would help the organizations to tweak their training program for better results.

We wish you luck!!