points to consider while making cover letter


Firstly, why do you need a cover letter? Is it really important? What impact can it have? More importantly, what does it contain?

While as a candidate you might be holding the best resume along with experiences and certificates. A well-written cover letter can help you convince the employer of you being the perfect match for the job position. Once drafted carefully, it can demonstrate how your skills and expertise can add value to the company instantly without viewing your resume.

When it comes to writing a cover letter for resumes, it is most important to remember the three C’s: Connect, Convince and Courtesy. The purpose of the cover letter is to first Connect with your hiring manager. Secondly, Convincing the hiring manager that your CV is worth reading. Courtesies are highly valued in the professional world, and a professional cover-letter which thanks the HR for their time reading your CV and considering you for the role is highly appreciated.

What other opportunities can a cover letter fetch for you:

  • It can help sell your skills and ability to the hiring manager. Think of it as your one chance to catch their eye to read your resume.
  • Keep it to four paragraphs that fits in a page. Short and crisp paragraphs are appreciated and determine your abilities clearly.
  • You cover letter can determine your focus and determination.
  • It should be personalised and tailored to the Job Position and Company that you are applying for. Since that would help determine your interest level in the job.

A cover letter is never mandatory – but even if employers don’t specify, you should still invest the time to write one. It demonstrates your enthusiasm for the job and shows that you have invested time to consider the particular role and its requirements along with how you can add value to their business.


Good luck!

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