Day 1 at workplace

Day 1 at your workplace? Nervous? Tensed?

After the stressful rounds of interview, you are finally here! Breathe. Relax. We understand you would want to be highly efficient and start right away.

While one cannot change the style of working at your new job, there are some learnings if kept in mind can help you leave a highly-effective and lasting impression right from Day 1.

  • First up, collate all your interview notes and research. Re-read the job description to get a head start on the tasks ahead.
  • Initiate conversations with your boss before you join and discuss the early priorities for your role periodically with a sense of timing. It can provide a cross-check for when you arrive.
  • Read the entire company policy in advance and raise questions if you have any.
  • Get comfortable with the new set of people around and break the ice by small talks with colleagues. Initiate conversations in order to get the basics in order. Find the printers, stationary, coffee machines meeting rooms, and who to call if your computer crashes before you hit the save button.
  • Get plenty of rest before day one. Ideally, taking a long weekend holiday, or spending a day hiking, or a digital detox can help provide you a mental ‘reset’, to restore your energy and enthusiasm for the adventure ahead.

The first few days are more than simply a probation period to pass through. They exist for both sides to see if the initial connection from the interviews translates well into the real, day-to-day demands of the role. Most importantly, can you deliver on what came through in the hiring process? And for you, is it truly a professional and cultural fit? As days pass, it all about getting confident and the right fit.

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