Psychometric assessments


Its not so shocking to see 70% of organizations globally using some sort of psychometric assessments  to measure candidate’s skillset, cognitive ability and personality.Psychometric assessments, on the other hand, uses highly-effective questions to attract and hire the most suitable people. But, there still remains a huge concern from HR professionals about
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Big Data

Big Data & HR functions

Employees are organizations biggest asset. However, if company gets hiring decision wrong, then it could also be the company’s greatest expense. Identifying, recruiting, promoting and retaining right talent are important functions of any HR. In addition, addressing the under- achievers is very critical and important function of HR department. Big
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Interview preparation

Top 5 reasons which could potentially spoil your next interview

 Your flawless CV and the strong cover letter might have been impressive enough to get you an interview, but that’s not the only parameter which an interviewee looks at while assessing you. Even if you are one of the most seasoned professionals you can get flustered and spoil your chances,
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